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If a path does not exist, create one.

StillPoint Capital was founded on the belief that if a path does not exist, you create one. We continue to apply this type of critical thinking in everyday compliance. We will never simply say "no" instead we ask, "what is your goal?" We offer solutions and if a compliant solution does not exist, we offer explanations as to why.

Honesty, Communication & Respect

We believe in honesty, clear communication and treating each transaction, from the favor in the hopes for future business to the one that makes your career, with the utmost respect and attention to detail. We understand that many of these transactions are life changing for your clients and we are here to make the compliance process as painless as possible for everyone involved.

Not Your Everyday Compliance Team

We understand compliance, some of us even like it, so let us handle the regulations while you focus on doing what you do best!

StillPoint Capital is a FINRA Member Broker-Dealer with Registered Representatives conducting Middle Market M&A and Private Placements targeting institutional investors or professional investment entities. We understand that your reputation is everything and that your Broker Dealer's reputation has a direct impact on your reputation in the industry. StillPoint is very selective about who we register for this reason.

Our culture is centered around our employees and our representatives. We believe that investing in relationships and people is what leads to success and with StillPoint, you can always reach your compliance officer.

StillPoint was founded by deal makers and the our compliance procedures are designed to support the transaction process. We also offer value-add services to help save you time and aid in meeting regulatory requirements on securities transactions. In addition, we support our Representatives in keeping their own branding and style of service.

StillPoint also provides our Representatives with a nationwide footprint of support and comradery. We have Representatives located throughout the country, across various specializations and industries. If you have exhausted your network or need a reputable referral, we are happy to help.

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