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Disclosures and Privacy Statement 

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that cyber-crime is on the rise and fraudsters may link to StillPoint Capital, LLC from phishing and similar scam websites, in an attempt to steal your personal information or your money. Make sure you know who you’re dealing with when investing, and contact StillPoint Capital’s compliance department directly if you have questions about a suspicious offering claiming StillPoint as the BD of Record, website or email. For more information on broker imposter scams and what to watch for, please read FINRA’s Investor Alert on Imposters. Suspicious activity should be reported to the authorities. For more information concerning securities fraud, red flags, and reporting suspicious activity to the FBI and SEC, please read the SEC Investor Alert.

Patriot Act Requirements

By engaging with or investing in securities transactions offered by StillPoint Capital, you are entering into a formal relationship with the Broker Dealer to effect a securities transaction. In an effort to fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, federal law requires us to obtain, verify, and record personal identifying information for beneficial owners of entities, that do not meet an exemption, and individuals involved in securities transactions.

Privacy Policy

StillPoint Capital may be required to collect personal identifying information in accordance with regulation. This information is not shared except as needed for regulatory or lawful purposes. We are committed to keeping your personal information safe and adopt policies to safeguard information from unauthorized internal employees and misuse or data breaches. We ask that you send your information securely, never via email, and we will only disclose information to regulatory agencies as required by law.

Customer Complaints

If you have a formal compliant against StillPoint Capital or one of our Registered Representatives, please contact our CCO, Ryan Bolton, or a member of the compliance team, using one of the following methods.

By Mail: 13301 West Hillsborough Ave, Suite 101 | Tampa, FL 33635


FINRA BrokerCheck

BrokerCheck is a free tool to help investors research the professional backgrounds of current and former FINRA-registered brokerage firms and brokers. It should be the first resource investors turn to when choosing whether to do business or continue to do business with a particular firm or individual.


Through BrokerCheck, investors can:
• Search for information about brokers and brokerage firms
• Search for information about investment adviser firms and representatives
• Obtain online background reports, if available
• Link to additional resources such as educational tools for investors

FINRA Broker Check Hotline: (800) 289-9999

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