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Zaida Jackson



  • Complete list of the BD's active M&A transactions, currently under contract and actively being marketed in various industries, EBITDA ranges, and locations.

  • Designated SPC relationship manager (a real human) to facilitate direct introductions to our lead bankers, helping foster relationships for future transactions, and acting as support.

  • Exclusive access with ability to help improve the platform.

  • Fully searchable blind database by industry, EBITDA, location, etc., updated on a regular basis.

  • Promotional pricing $350/month for initial members.


Preview your experience as a member of the Blind Deal Pipeline 

Get a glimpse of our exclusive Blind Deal Pipeline. With your membership, you'll experience the diversity and quality of deals accessible to you. Explore the user-friendly interface from a subscriber's view. Our Blind Deal Pipeline member-only page provides easy access to sort, filter, and search any criteria to view our full Blind Deal Pipeline. We also make it simple to get more information with our inquiry form. This page is accessible on desktop and mobile devices. Take a look and join us!

Begin your membership to access our Blind Deal Pipeline

Promotional Pricing

Blind Deal Membership



Every month

Valid until canceled

Access to StillPoint Capital’s blind transaction pipeline

Ability to search for transactions using various filters

Printable search results

Request a report from StillPoint Capital

Obtain more information on specific transactions

Access to this portal is restricted to professional investment entities, such as Private Equity Groups or Institutions. Natural persons or those who do not meet a qualifying business or commercial purpose exemption under Regulation Best Interest are not permitted to access this portal. SPC reserves the right to modify, update, and/or revoke access at their sole discretion. Fees are due monthly and are non-refundable. For more information, please see our terms of use or contact us.

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