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03.Value-Add Services for Registered Representatives

Due Diligence Verification Packages

For an ancillary fee, allow us to verify the information that your client's and counterparty's present and offer you a public record due diligence package for your review. This allows you to address any concerning items like litigation, negative press, public records indicating financial distress, etc. in an effort to avoid surprises. It also allows you to meet regulatory "Know Your Customer" requirements with minimal effort on your part to reasonably verify the public record information presented to you by the client.

Compliance Related Administrative Support

We understand that while Representatives respect compliance, they don't necessarily want to "be" compliance. For those of you working with non-exempt entities under the FinCEN CDD Rule, let us handle the conversations with your client regarding regulatory compliance matters. In accordance with the Patriot Act, we are required to verify personal identifying information on beneficial owners of entities that are not otherwise considered exempt under FinCEN's CDD Rule. We are happy to facilitate the paperwork portion of the regulatory compliance process with your clients and counterparties directly and provide a secure portal through which they can provide any sensitive information. 


If you prefer to remain the sole contact with all parties, we fully support that and will be happy to provide you with exactly what is required and why in order to start these conversations.

Matchmaking and Referral Opportunities

Our robust network of professional investment entities and Representatives provides access to potential opportunities and other professionals in the industry, if and when you need them. We know that you have a network and your own pipeline, but when you know you are not the right fit and want a reputable referral or when you have exhausted that network and the client wants to continue to see what is out there, we are here to help. 

Additional Value-Add Services for Registered Representatives

In addition to our compliance review, each securities transaction data room and purchase agreement draft go through review with our legal counsel. They will not make changes to a purchase agreement or make unreasonable due diligence requests of your clients, however, they will review for any issues, lack of information to make an informed decision, and relay guidance based on their experience in the industry if they feel it appropriate. Our legal firm is Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns, LLP.

StillPoint retains multiple regulatory consulting firms to assist in unique situations. When we have not experienced a situation firsthand and you need guidance, it is imperative that you are getting sound advice to navigate regulations. We have great relationships with our regulators and industry consultants to help guide you. We also offer insight into regulation in other countries and use both legal and compliance consultants as well as public information available to create our compliance policies for those that are looking to conduct business internationally.

We offer quick turnaround times on reviews and you are always able to reach your compliance officer. Reps are our first priority and we know that your time is precious. Not only are we available to take your calls and answer questions, we are also happy to let you vent or lend a shoulder to cry on if your client's transaction has met an untimely end. We understand this industry, its highs and lows, and that your success is what leads to ours. This is why we take the time to get to know our Representatives and genuinely take an interest in your success.  

We use automated compliance tools to make meeting regulatory requirements more convenient and are constantly evolving to streamline and apply common sense practices to compliance. We encourage our Reps to keep their own branding, while we operate behind the scenes. We have a library of disclosures, forms, best practices for our Reps, in addition to access to the entire StillPoint network to refer transactions and collaborate.

Business Meeting

We understand your time is precious.

That is why we offer value-add services designed to simplify compliance.

At StillPoint we aim to deliver compliance in an efficient manner. We use the tools that the regulators and other house name Broker-Dealers use to meet regulatory compliance standards without the frustration and time consuming paperwork. We offer services to ease the compliance burdens that regulation can bring and offer direct compliance support to help answer any questions you may have along the way.

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